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Camper van Rental in Croatia

Croatia and surrounding countries are the perfect location to explore with a mini camper. There are camping sites for every taste, the roads are in good condition and people are friendly. Experiencing our region in a camper van does not necessarily mean “roughing it” or even skipping the daily hot shower more than you want.

With Lowriders there’s no middleman, no travel itinerary, no tourist traps. Just you, the open road and literally thousands of beautiful locations waiting to be discovered.

We offer personal services suited to your needs. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or there are additional services you may be needing.

Lowriders rental is a small company and eager to please. Our concept is simple – we provide you with everything you can imagine you might need for your trip.

Don’t worry about the baggage excess fees or loose time on buying accessories last minute. Choose what you need from our extensive list of additional equipment.

Airport Ready

You can pick up the vehicle right at the airport or at your doorstep therefor there are no extra fees for buses and taxies, and we are quite flexible when it comes to the hours. We are able to deliver a van  7 days a week.

Advertisement free

Blend in with the locals while traveling through these amazing countries. It is better to drive a van that doesn’t scream “I’m a tourist”. We’ve heard it a a lot of times and experienced it personally … A sign-free van is a hassle-free way to a road trip.

Fully equipped

A camper van comes equipped with all the necessary amenities so you can sleep comfortably and cook your own meals (see the VIDEO).

Lower fees

Our camper vans fit the category I when it comes to paying highway tolls and category II when you want to use ferries you will be paying less for highway tolls and ferry trips (and believe us, that is a huge bonus!).

Unlimited mileage

A mini camper affords you absolute freedom to discover Croatia and the rest of the Europe according to your taste and your own schedule. With UNLIMITED mileage the only limit is your time.

Most convenient

Traveling trough country in a mini camper is arguably the most convenient and the most intimate way to experience our region.