Lastovo – 46 square km of pure magic

Paradise for wild campers

If you’re looking for an authentic island experience with truly untouched nature, look no further than Lastovo. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but it’s well worth the effort and taking the paths less traveled means finding more spots for that wild camping that we are all dreaming about. 

Lastovo, or island of bright stars, is the furthest inhabited Croatian island. With 70 percent of its territory covered in forest, it is a true wild adventure with many possibilities to do wild camping!

You can reach UBLI (Lastovo island) from Split and Vela luka (Korčula island) by ferry every day. It takes approximately 4 and half hours to reach Lastovo from Split. On the way, ferry stops in Vela Luka (island of Korčula).

FERRY schedule for 2017




The prices vary depending on the season and are shown in HRK.

Remember, Lowriders campervans fit the category 2 (LENGTH UP TO 5 M, HEIGHT UP TO 2M) so don’t let them trick you to pay more! The online ticket can be purchased no later than 24 hours before the departure time trough the Jadrolinija site. In case you don’t buy them online, try to arrive at least half an hour before the departure so you don’t miss the last ticket! 



Lastovo – genuine heaven for nature lovers

Since Lastovo doesn’t crave attention like some of its Dalmatian counterparts, the picturesque landscape of bright blue horizons and engulfing pines attract travelers looking to escape the crowds and tourist traps. 

Everyone who appreciates untouched nature, and who wants to spend an active holiday will enjoy many of the cycling trails and hiking field paths. Whatever path you choose,  there will be breathtaking view waiting as a reward. Along the way, you will inevitably pass some of the 40 or so medieval churches. Keep your eyes open for evocative ruins and ornate chimneys that were once status symbols of old residential families.

The best times for hiking and bicycling ventures are in spring and early autumn, when it is not so hot and the breeze will cool you. 

Sounds of the island

For others who want to relax, cruise the island and don’t mind the heat, we recommend August. It is the month when the traditional Dalmatian Woodstock is happening (don’t get scared, it is actually not too crowded) in the Duke Mihajlo Bay. There is something for every taste. The first day of August is reserved for jazz lovers – the Max Klub Jazz Quarters and Elevators followed a day later by swing skabily from the Justin’s Johnson band and The Beat Fleet. The 3rd of August is reserved for legendary  Lačni Franz, a famous regional band from 80’s and 90’s. The event finishes with a touch of Detour and music band Cubismo.

For more information check the event’s FB page.

Poklad –  colorful display of island’s tradition

For those who want to explore Adriatic in  winter, don’t miss Poklad, an autenthic carnival which is considered to be the most important event of the year. This carnival event takes stage in Lastovo every winter on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and is very popular event among locals as well as their visitors. The origins of the Lastovo carnival go back to a historical event. Legend has it that Catalan pirates attacked neighboring Korčula and sent a messenger to Lastovo to tell the islanders to surrender or they would be next. The inhabitants of Lastovo did not let themselves be intimidated — instead they armed themselves and went on the attack. The women and children prayed to Sv. Jure (St. George)  for help and their prayers were answered: an unusually strong storm suddenly struck and destroyed the pirate’s fleet and Lastovo’s people ware left unharmed.


Lastovo is a special little island made up of 46 square kilometers of pure magic, featuring 46 hills, 46 cultivated fields, 46 small churches, and 46 uninhabited islets. Be sure to put in onto your bucket list!