PELJESAC – paradise for wind and kite surfers


The Peljesac Chanel between the Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula Island is a well-known windsurfing area due to the deep water between the two and friendly Mistral breeze – bliss for sunbathers but equally handy for kite and windsurfers alike.

Mistral is a “benevolent”, a friendly wind looked forward by sailors and all those who enjoy the summer season under its breeze.


Mistral is a daily wind blowing from the northwest and created by the differences in temperature between the mainland and sea. It is fairly frequent from spring to autumn and strongest in July and August. It usually starts blowing around 9 or 10 in the morning, reaches its highest strength in the afternoon and fades at sunset. Mistral is generally stronger in the south of Adriatic.





Viganj is a small picturesque village on the west side of the southern coast of Peljesac Peninsula, bordered by the Adriatic Sea. Favored by the Mediterranean climate, Viganj has long and hot dry summers with an average temperature of 25 °C/ 77 °F . As it is located in the narrowest part of the channel, the wind accelerates twice as fast as it does in the Adriatic Sea, thus providing with the perfect conditions for freestyle and high-speed windsurfing.

In the summer mornings, there is a mild breeze, which reaches up to 3 beauforts, and creates very good conditions for beginners in surfing.In the afternoon the wind is blowing up to 5

In the afternoon the wind is blowing up to 5 beauforts, which makes it ideal for more experienced surfers.

You can windsurf there from May to late September. However, for the adrenaline seekers who wish to experience the speed of the wind in its best form, the best season is from June to late August.

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Pelješac channel is well known and recognized by fans of the sport from around the world, as it provides a unique experience of surfing. In July 2013, in Viganj was the host of World Championship in windsurfing. It also hosts many national windsurfing competitions such as the Open Championship of Croatia and the Croatian Cup. Explore it with our Lowriders van and get 10 % discount while renting out windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment or taking classes at Water Donkey Windsurfing & Kitesurfing center.