Summer Christmas road trip by RiRock

Last year we decided to form a new Lowriders tradition – a Christmas giveaway which we will be repeating every year at the same time – when the temperature reaches 0 Celsius and there is nothing we would like more but to pack our bags and head to some warmer corner of the world.

Since it was our first giveaway of this kind, we were not really sure what to expect so we were very excited when we realized that we had two determined participants (among others) who were sweating and working hard to get one more crucial FB like to win the Lowriders Rental mini camper for 5 days. As the battle was so epic (and kept us refreshing the FB page until the very last second to see what will the result be at midnight) we decided to reward both of our golden girls to remind them that persistency is always worthwhile.

Jasna was one of the warriors who won the prize for her family-  this is who they are.

If you wanted to introduce your family – how would you do it in a couple of sentences?

We would say we are ordinary working-class heroes trying to do our best in all we do, striving to be good persons and even better parents. On the other hand, Mara would say “We are super cool!”, hehe 🙂

Jasna, Mara and Frenki on the Cetina River


What is it that you do? 

Frenki and I have been climbing for 15 years more or less and it definitely marked us as persons. If it wasn’t for climbing we would probably never meet so it is quite special to us to share the same passion and continue supporting each other in the best way we can. And it getting harder as we count years :). Since our beginnings in climbing, we actively immersed ourselves in developing the climbing scene, climbing areas, and routes…everything we thought was good in order to popularize this relatively young sport.

Today, we are proud members of the club SPK Rirockclimbing from Rijeka. With our Rirock crew, we developed the first bouldering crags in the area, Kanjon Riječine and Kamenjak as well as the sport climbing (rope) crags in Rijeka as Rječina River Canyon and Medveja. Medveja has gained international attention when the currently best climber in the world, Adam Ondra, made a short visit and climbed the hardest route in Croatia, More graded 9a. He also had his best performance day till then, osighting (climbing at first try) all the hard routes at the crag. Medveja is definitely the best place to go, to be…and every time we go there the feeling is the same for all Rirockers. Pure pleasure for the soul. I guess that’s the best reward you can get.

Mara is such a great name. Where did she get it from?

I (Jasna) always wanted a girl named Mara and I was really lucky that Frenky liked it also so our baby had a name as soon as we found out we were expecting a girl.

Super Mara

What is it that makes you happy?

Well, Mara likes looooot of things and she would probably give a different answer every day, which is totally appropriate for a 5-year-old. 🙂 Frenky and are quite similar when it comes to things that makes us happy, traveling is the greatest energizer.


Since you are from Rijeka, can you tell us – why is Rijeka worth visiting?

Rijeka is most probably the best geographically situated city in Croatia.  When outdoors are your call /lifestyle/your thing, at half our distance one can hike mountains, dive into the sea, windsurf, go kayaking, skydive, climb…you name it. And if you are well organized, you might do several things in one day.

Rječina River Canyon. Photo by Vladimir Šoić

When you think about road tripping, what is it that comes to your mind first?

Freedom. It so easy to forget and just let go. Quite addictive 🙂


How did you prepare for this trip?

Road trips usually demand days of a strategic thinking, especially when traveling with Mara and it was such a relief to be able to pack the morning of departure. The Lowrider mini Van has it all. We just loaded the climbing equipment, the small bag with clothes and hit the road.

Is there something you would do different?

Hmmm…prolonge the travel? 😉

Are there any less touristic places you would recommend our lowriders to visit?

Are there any left? heheee…Well, jokes on a side, climbers are quite boring when it comes to sightseeing and tourism. We are always eager to access the crag as soon as possible (climbing spot) chase the flow. When it comes to best places to climb (from our perspective of course) we strongly recommend Smrka, the recently developed area on the island of Brač, Vranjača near Paklenica and of course, our home crag Medveja as all are truly sport climbing areas with beautiful athletic routes and pure pleasure climbing.

On the Adriatic Higway (Jadranska Magistrala), between Paklenica and Maslenica Bridge

Any advice for our future lowriders?

Don’t think too much, just GO and enjoy the ride! Freedom is obtainable.

Photos by @yasolinka

If you got another chance to do a road trip in Croatia, where would you go?

Uff, so many places yet to discover. Being from the seaside, we would definitely explore the cost more deeply. We thought that it would be nice to visit all our islands, hehe, at least most of them 🙂 Road tripping from island to island sound like a good long term project (having in mind that Croatia has more than a thousand islands).

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