Why should I rent a mini camper from Lowriders Rental?
Trav­el­ing in a camper is a won­der­ful way to stay flex­i­ble and get the most out of your trip. Rent­ing a camper van solves both trans­port and accom­mo­da­tion aspects of your trav­el, offer­ing all in one great pack­age.

With cozy full sized beds that com­fort­ably sleep 2 adults (per­haps 3), all of your cook­ware, dish­es and fresh bed­ding are sup­plied by us, along with much more. Cruis­ing in a camper van, you’ll have the free­dom to be spon­ta­neous and vis­it a vari­ety of places while being
dis­creet as our vans are com­plete­ly free of adver­tise­ment. Mini campers are much eas­i­er to dri­ve and park than motorhomes and they will reduce your fuel expense as well.

Where and when can I pick up/drop off the mini camper?
Our zero km loca­tion is Split, there­for, the pick up/drop off in Split is free of charge.

We also deliv­er camper vans to oth­er cities in Croa­t­ia, and sev­er­al loca­tions in Slove­nia, Italy, Bosnia and Herze­gov­ina and Mon­tene­gro.
The vans can be col­lect­ed dur­ing 08:30 — 17:00 but also out­side work­ing hours for a fee.

Will I be charged for the mileage I drive?
The rental includes 210 km per day. Every addi­tion­al km will cost you 0,25 euros. There is a pos­si­bil­i­ty to pur­chase an unlim­it­ed mileage pack that costs 35 euros per trip.
Can I take my pet with me on holidays?
Unfor­tu­nate­ly, ani­mals are not per­mit­ted in the vehi­cle at any time. Although we are absolute ani­mal fans, due to people’s aller­gies we had to exclude this option from our offer.
How do I add an additional driver?
Lowrid­ers Rental team wants to ensure your safe­ty is always the pri­or­i­ty so we allow adding addi­tion­al dri­vers free of charge. Also, hav­ing anoth­er dri­ver to take over the wheel allows you more time to enjoy the trip.

To add an addi­tion­al dri­ver, send us infor­ma­tion (full name, date of birth) for your dri­ving part­ner dur­ing the book­ing process so we can add him/her to the con­tract. The addi­tion­al dri­ver will be asked to show a valid driver’s license to our staff.

It’s worth not­ing that as per our insur­ance rules, all dri­vers must be named on the agree­ment before dri­ving to be cov­ered and they also have to be present at the time of the pick up.

What additional items do you have for rent?
Please check our ADD ONS sec­tion to see the com­plete list of addi­tion­al items you can rent.
If you have oth­er requests, let us know, we will try to get them for you.

* please be aware that even with a pri­or request, we are unable to guar­an­tee extra gear is in stock at all times; the equip­ment is rent­ed on a first come first serve basis, how­ev­er, we do our best to meet all requests

How does the booking process look like?
The book­ing inquiry is made fol­low­ing the instruc­tions on the web. Once the inquiry is sub­mit­ted please allow us 48 hours to get back to you with the offer. Once we get all the info and agree on the details we will send you the final invoice with fur­ther instruc­tions. Once the invoice is issued, the offer stays valid for 24 hours. The camper van is con­sid­ered reserved once the 30 per­cent of the total amount is paid. The rest of the pay­ment will have to be done online 14 days pri­or to your arrival.

Please note that you will be asked to pay the refund­able dam­age deposit pri­or pick­ing up the vehi­cle.

How do I make changes to my booking?
To make changes to your book­ing includ­ing extend­ing your drop-off date, you will need to con­tact us.

Please note that any changes are sub­ject to avail­abil­i­ty and approval by Lowrid­ers Rental.
Rates may also be re-cal­cu­lat­ed at the time of the amend­ment.

Do I need an International Driver’s License?
An Inter­na­tion­al driver’s license with an Eng­lish trans­la­tion is rec­om­mend­ed for non EU res­i­dents. All dri­vers must hold a full, valid driver’s license for the entire rental peri­od. Fur­ther proof of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion may be required.

Only dri­vers spec­i­fied on the con­tract are allowed to dri­ve Lowrid­ers Rental vehi­cles.
All spec­i­fied dri­vers with their licens­es must be present at time of vehi­cle pick up to sign paper­work.

What does the rental price include?
Our camper vans are equipped with every­thing for cook­ing (2 propane burn­ers with gas car­tridges includ­ed), din­ning and sleep­ing (bed­ding includ­ed).
The awning shade, roof tent, camp­ing table and chairs are also includ­ed in the price.
Do I have to camp at the campground?
While wild camp­ing in Mon­tene­gro, Alba­nia, BIH and Ser­bia is allowed, in Croa­t­ia it is pro­hib­it­ed (please make your own research before the trip as some laws may have been changed).

How­ev­er, we leave it to your dis­cre­tion where you would like to camp. Please use your com­mon sense when it comes to safe­ty of the area where you wish to camp, along with the loca­tion and ter­rain of your cho­sen free camp­site; pay­ing for vehi­cle dam­age is much more expen­sive than the cost of the camp­ground.

Is there a mattress included in the roof tents? And how big is the mattress found inside the van?
Yes, the roof tent has its own mat­tress.
The mat­tress inside the van is com­fy and fits eas­i­ly two adults.
May I extend my rental after embarking on our trip?
Yes. Exten­sions can be done from the road, how­ev­er they are based on avail­abil­i­ty and can­not be guar­an­teed, but we do our best to make it hap­pen if we can. Call or email us as soon as you know you wish to extend, as we’d love to host you on your amaz­ing adven­ture for as long as pos­si­ble.
Do you have any age restrictions?
All dri­vers must be 21 years or old­er and dri­ver license held for at least one year. We may make an excep­tion and can offer a spe­cial insur­ance for under­aged.