The Pel­je­sac Chanel between the Pel­je­sac Penin­su­la and Kor­cu­la Island is a well-known wind­surf­ing area due to the deep water between the two and friend­ly Mis­tral breeze — bliss for sun­bathers but equal­ly handy for kite and wind­surfers alike.

Mis­tral is a “benev­o­lent”, a friend­ly wind looked for­ward by sailors and all those who enjoy the sum­mer sea­son under its breeze.


Mis­tral is a dai­ly wind blow­ing from the north­west and cre­at­ed by the dif­fer­ences in tem­per­a­ture between the main­land and sea. It is fair­ly fre­quent from spring to autumn and strongest in July and August. It usu­al­ly starts blow­ing around 9 or 10 in the morn­ing, reach­es its high­est strength in the after­noon and fades at sun­set. Mis­tral is gen­er­al­ly stronger in the south of Adri­at­ic.




Viganj is a small pic­turesque vil­lage on the west side of the south­ern coast of Pel­je­sac Penin­su­la, bor­dered by the Adri­at­ic Sea. Favored by the Mediter­ranean cli­mate, Viganj has long and hot dry sum­mers with an aver­age tem­per­a­ture of 25 °C/ 77 °F . As it is locat­ed in the nar­row­est part of the chan­nel, the wind accel­er­ates twice as fast as it does in the Adri­at­ic Sea, thus pro­vid­ing with the per­fect con­di­tions for freestyle and high-speed wind­surf­ing.

In the sum­mer morn­ings, there is a mild breeze, which reach­es up to 3 beau­forts, and cre­ates very good con­di­tions for begin­ners in surfing.In the after­noon the wind is blow­ing up to 5

In the after­noon the wind is blow­ing up to 5 beau­forts, which makes it ide­al for more expe­ri­enced surfers.

You can wind­surf there from May to late Sep­tem­ber. How­ev­er, for the adren­a­line seek­ers who wish to expe­ri­ence the speed of the wind in its best form, the best sea­son is from June to late August.

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Pel­ješac chan­nel is well known and rec­og­nized by fans of the sport from around the world, as it pro­vides a unique expe­ri­ence of surf­ing. In July 2013, in Viganj was the host of World Cham­pi­onship in wind­surf­ing. It also hosts many nation­al wind­surf­ing com­pe­ti­tions such as the Open Cham­pi­onship of Croa­t­ia and the Croa­t­ian Cup. Explore it with our Lowrid­ers van and get 10 % dis­count while rent­ing out wind­surf­ing and kitesurf­ing equip­ment or tak­ing class­es at Water Don­key Wind­surf­ing & Kitesurf­ing cen­ter.